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Carpet Cleaning Glasgow ensure your carpets become clean, fresh, and almost like new again. There are several techniques available for cleaning your carpets. The most commonly used is hot water extraction, also known as steam cleaning. This method is acknowledged by professionals as the one that provides the most thorough cleaning.

The Benefits of Carpet Cleaning?

Cleaning your carpet often, can significantly help it last longer. It gets rid of dirt that can make the carpet thin and worn out over time. Professional cleaning methods like hot water extraction can rejuvenate fibres, making carpets look newer for longer.

Carpets can trap pollutants such as dust, pet dander, particle pollution, and mould spores. Cleaning regularly removes dirt and germs, making your home’s air cleaner and healthier for you to live in.

Just vacuuming picks up the dirt you can see, but getting your carpet deep cleaned kills the germs that are hiding deep in the carpet pile. This can reduce allergy symptoms and make your home more comfortable for people with allergies or respiratory conditions.

Regular cleaning helps remove stains and spots from carpets, preventing them from becoming permanent features. Immediate treatment of spills and professional cleaning can keep your carpets looking clean and fresh.

Clean carpets significantly improve the overall appearance of a room. Regular cleaning maintains the texture and freshness of your carpets, contributing to a cleaner and more inviting living space.


Our Carpet Cleaning Process


The process for getting your carpets cleaned begins with booking an appointment. Contact Acorn Carpet Cleaning Glasgow for a quote and schedule a time for us to clean your carpets at your convenience.

Our friendly carpet cleaning professionals will greet you on the day of your appointment. No need to clean beforehand – just keep pets and kids away from the area, while we work.

You may opt to relocate your furniture or permit us to conduct cleaning around it. At Acorn Carpet Cleaning Glasgow, our team gladly assists in moving furniture before and after the cleaning process. The only item we are unable to reposition for you is the television set.

The process of carpet cleaning begins with vacuuming. We use a professional grade vacuum which out performs any domestic vacuum that you may use. As well as removing dust and grit, this vacuum also helps lift the pile with a brushing action.

The next stage is to apply a pre-spray. At Acorn Carpet Cleaning Glasgow , we use M-Power. This cleaning agent employs organic molecular science in conjunction with sophisticated biotech methods.


Cleaning Method and Eco-Friendly Solutions


M-Power is a strong and environmentally friendly solution that cleans effectively without sacrificing performance or safety. M-Power is harmless to humans and pets, completely decomposable, and sourced from sustainable renewable resources.

Choosing cleaning solutions for homes with young children and pets is crucial. Acorn Carpet Cleaning Glasgow uses eco-friendly and non-toxic products that are safe for both children and pets. These solutions effectively remove stains and odours without leaving harmful residues behind.


Carpet Agitation


After spraying the carpet, we use the professional agitating machine to scrub and clean it thoroughly. The machine removes impacted dry soil and lifts the carpet pile.

  • Contra-rotating brushes lift and restore the pile
  • The pre-spray is worked deep into the pile
  • Soiling is gently detached from the fibres ready for extraction
  • Extraction is much quicker, with fewer wand passes needed
  • Fewer wand passes means the carpet is left drier
  • Non aggressive action so can be used on all types of carpet

Commercial Agitation Machine

We have now prepared the carpet for the main cleaning process: hot water extraction.


Hot Water Extraction


Hot Water Extraction Machine

The technological improvements in carpet care have come in this category of restorative deep cleaning.

Recent research shows that using powerful hot water extraction is the key step in cleaning carpets effectively.

High-performance hot water extraction is a cleaning method that uses high-pressure water, hot cleaning solutions, and strong vacuuming. This method is effective in cleaning deeply, drying quickly, and removing dirt and cleaning solution efficiently.

The pre-treatment, often known as a traffic lane cleaner, is selected based on the type of dirt and carpet that needs cleaning. It is mixed and applied hot for the best results.

Pre-treatment loosens tough dirt and oily spots in the carpet, making them easier to remove during rinsing and extraction.

The rinse and extraction of the high performance hot water extraction cleaning program happen almost at the same time. The extraction machine applies the rinsing agent, then removes it along with the loosened dirt and the pre-treatment solution.

Our procedure concludes with us employing a carpet rake to restore the pile and reposition the furniture. When putting furniture on wet carpet, we’ll use polystyrene blocks to prevent stains from wood or metal.


After Getting Your Carpet Cleaned


Your carpets may require several hours to fully dry. For optimal results, it’s advisable to refrain from walking on the freshly cleaned carpet until it has completely dried.


How Often Should You Vacuum Your Carpets?

Here’s a simple guide to how often you should vacuum:

Not vacuuming can damage your carpet and make it a home for dust mites and germs.

There’s no strict rules, but vacuuming a few times a week can help keep your carpet in good shape. Focus on busy areas first. If you’re short on time, a full vacuum of the room once a week should do.

Should you vacuum every day? Doing so, especially in high-traffic spots, can protect your carpet and keep it looking fresh. A daily vacuum is great if possible, but we know that’s not always doable.

Got pets? Vacuuming daily is best to manage the hair, dirt, and smells they can bring.

With kids in the house, vacuuming becomes even more important for keeping things clean. Aim for high-use areas every other day to prevent dirt from spreading.

How about bedrooms? Vacuum them twice a week to remove dust, skin flakes, and hair.

Don’t forget about laminate floors; they need vacuuming once a week too. A vacuum can get dirt a brush misses and is better at getting into crevices.

In general, vacuuming regularly is better for your carpets than letting dirt accumulate.

Carpet manufacturers recommend getting your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year. We hope you’ll think of Acorn Carpet Cleaning Services and contact us again when it is time for your annual clean!


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