Our team of specialists have the training and expertise to clean a wide range of hard flooring cleaning Glasgow to a high standard. Along with cleaning packages tailored to meet each client and their floor type’s specific needs, we aim to deliver a fast and convenient cleaning and restoration service.

We use only the industry best equipment for hard floor cleaning. With our specialist machinery (a rectangular high-speed oscillating machine), we use up to 70% less water and cleaning solutions. A better clean is achieved without the use of harsh chemicals – this is perfect for environments where non-toxic cleaning solutions must be used.


What types of hard floors do we clean?


Stone Hard Floor Cleaning Glasgow 

Our hard floor cleaning services include all types of stone flooring. We use the latest specialised systems and products to remove dirt and stains. We can also treat any scratches, fix cracked grout lines and polish your stone floors, leaving them looking like new.

The combination of a unique high-speed orbital motion and a broad range of cleaning pads means we can clean most floors. This includes:

Marble Hard Floor Cleaning Glasgow 

Although marble is stunning, it can also be incredibly slippery when wet and stains easily. A popular choice for halls, bedrooms and foyers, regular maintenance and cleaning will ensure it’s beauty is maintained. 

Ceramic Hard Floor Cleaning Glasgow 

 Ceramic floors are versatile and you can sweep and vacuum them regularly to stop them from getting dull, but sometimes you just need that little something extra to get them looking exactly how you like them. Our technicians are trained in exactly how to get your ceramic floor looking and feeling like new.

Porcelain Hard Floor Cleaning Glasgow 

How to make your porcelain floor shine is a question we hear regularly. There are many people that recommend using white vinegar, but this can be highly acidic and damage your floor. Our technicians are highly trained and recommend that you don’t use this method. Not only are we trained in hard floor cleaning Glasgow but also to protect it and we use the most up to date methods and solutions with all the floors we treat.

Travertine Hard Floor Cleaning Glasgow 

Travertine stone flooring is naturally stunning and although incredibly durable, when you’re looking to give your floor a good clean or remove a stubborn stain, it’s always best to get expert advice. Our technicians are trained to remove broken tiles and treat scratches without having to remove sections. We recommend regular maintenance and welcome your enquiry to discuss how we can help you encourage or prevent the natural weathering effect.

Quarry Hard Floor Cleaning Glasgow 

Quarry stone tiles and flooring require gentle cleaning with equally gentle solutions of chemicals. Our technicians are trained to know exactly what strength and which solution is best for quarry hard floor cleaning Glasgow. That’s why we’re the best at what we do!

Slate Hard Floor Cleaning Glasgow 

Slate flooring requires little to no maintenance however if you do find yourself with a stubborn stain or mark that you just can’t remove with a mild detergent then it’s time to get in touch with the technicians at Acorn. We’re trained to know how to get even the most stubborn of stains out even from slate flooring!

Sandstone Hard Floor Cleaning Glasgow  

Sandstone floors are unique, durable and naturally beautiful but because of their relatively soft and porous consistency, the tiles are highly vulnerable to staining, scratching and denting. It’s really important that any damages are caught early before they cause permanent damage. The team at Acorn are trained to act quickly, professionally and above all, we get results by using the most effective hard floor floor cleaning solutions.

Limestone Hard Floor Cleaning Glasgow 

There are many different types of limestone flooring and our technicians are trained to not only recognise the difference but to also know the best types of hard floor cleaning Glasgow solutions to remove any stubborn marks or stains. Regardless of the type of surface, if you have a stain please get in touch and we’d be delighted to assist.

Karndean Floor Cleaning 

Karndean floors are resistant to staining due to the fact that they are waterproof. The impervious vinyl backing will help to ensure that no moisture gets through to the floor but if you do have any concerns please feel free to get in touch with our technicians today.

Amtico Floor Cleaning 

Amtico doesn’t react to humidity or moisture and is incredibly durable and robust. It’s really easy to maintain hard floor cleaning Glasgow with an occasional wipe clean with a cloth and it’s extremely unlikely that you’ll ever see a stain. However if you would like a chat about the best way to maintain your amtico floor or if you do have any concerns, our technicians would be more than happy to have a no-obligation chat.

Vinyl Floor Cleaning 

Stains are common on vinyl flooring often caused by rugs and unsuitable cleaning solutions. Our technicians are experts at removing these types of stains and are trained to know exactly what to use, when to use it and why. We leave your flooring like new, you definitely won’t be disappointed!

Linoleum Floor Cleaning 

There are many benefits to having a linoleum floor; it’s comfortable, durable, recyclable and biodegradable. However, even though it’s resistant to water under everyday circumstances an excessive amount of moisture can cause damage and result in staining. Our technicians are trained specifically to deal with these sorts of stains and our results speak for themselves

PVC Floor Cleaning 

PVC is a specific type of vinyl flooring and has a specific way of being cleaned. Get in touch today and one of our trained technicians will advise the most appropriate treatment. We look forward to hearing from you.

Rubber Floor Cleaning 

Rubber flooring can be stained by grease and oil and it’s really important to treat it with the correct chemicals and solutions. Synthetic rubber is generally more stain-resistant than natural rubber but the team at Acorn would still recommend expert treatment. Get in touch today for a quote and friendly chat.

And almost any other hard floor surface. Tiles and grout cleaning is simple. Polishing natural stone is our speciality!

Luxury and Standard Vinyl Floor Cleaning 

These floors need regular maintenance and can look great once old scratches and scuffs have been removed. We treat luxury and vinyl flooring by stripping them of their old surface dressing and re-coating them with a fresh one. This process restores the floor to a like-new appearance.

Safety Flooring 

Altro Flooring and other brands of Safety Flooring are often found in commercial properties where non-slip flooring is essential. This includes health centres, vets, schools, commercial kitchens and sports hall changing rooms. These floors can appear clean after mopping, but they hold a lot of dirt and grime which a regular mop cannot remove.

Our hard floor cleaning specialist equipment can provide an effective clean, without reducing the slip-resistance of your floors and restoring their appearance. For more information about our commercial cleaning services, please visit our commercial page.

For domestic tile cleaning (floors and/or walls), we recommend looking at our Totally Tiles Package listed on our Cleaning Packages page.


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