We provide a fast-drying, eco-friendly, and completely insured upholstery cleaning service. Our technicians clean carpets and upholstery using powerful equipment and specialized cleaning products. Besides enhancing the look of fabric suites, we are also capable of cleaning mattresses, headboards, and curtains.


Upholstery Cleaning Process

To begin the process of having your upholstery cleaned, please schedule an appointment. Contact Acorn Carpet Cleaning at 0141 212 0212 for a quotation, and we will arrange a suitable time for a visit.

On your appointment day, our friendly operators, trained by the National Carpet Cleaners Association, will meet you. All NCCA members have insurance and adhere to a code of practice. Our operators undergo training and acquire expertise to work in various areas of carpet and upholstery cleaning.

What Type Of Fabric

Before cleaning upholstery, it is crucial to understand the fabric and choose the appropriate cleaning product. Taking the PH level into consideration is particularly important. Many fabrics exist, including cotton, velvet, olefin, acrylic, rayon, chenille, silk, and wool. To avoid any damage to your upholstery, you need to use different solutions.

Certain fabric varieties are more susceptible to colour bleeding, texture alterations, ring-staining, or shrinkage compared to others. Silk and other water-sensitive fabrics require hand cleaning with a quality fabric solvent instead of water washing.

Vacuuming Your Upholstery

We use the Sebo BS460 vacuum cleaner to remove loose dirt and dust before cleaning.

Pre Spraying Your Upholstery

We Apply a fine mist of a eco-friendly safe M Power pre-spray. M-Power uses powerful natural-molecular technology combined with advanced technology techniques. Made in the UK, this eco-friendly cleaning solution for upholstery is effective and safe, without harming the environment.


The pre spray is then agitated (i.e. scrubbed) with a soft Tampico upholstery brush. Tampico brushes are ideal for the agitation of upholstery and fabrics.

Made from leaf fibers that are highly elastic and resistant to temperature changes, acids, and caustic soda. Water absorbent, and non-electrostatic, the brushes remain dust free. We can remove surface dirt and grease without getting the inside of your upholstery wet.

Rinsing Clean With Saphire Upholstery Tool

Afterwards, remove the solution from the fabric by utilizing the Sapphire upholstery hand tool. It lets you control the water flow and vacuum carefully.

The Sapphire upholstery hand tool is the ultimate tool for fabric upholstery cleaning. Its unique dual extraction slots permit full extraction in both directions across fabric surfaces. The upholstery cleaning tool provides deep, rapid penetration of cleaning solution and simultaneous high-volume extraction.

Upholstery Finishing Touches

We finish off with a large upholstery brush which sets the pile or nap after the upholstery cleaning process.

Drying Times

The drying time varies depending on the type of materiel, but with good air flow your sofa should be completely dry in 8 hours.

Upholstery Stain Removal

At Acorn Carpet Cleaning, we cannot guarantee we will remove all stains. Someone who has already tried to remove the stain can cause permanent damage. We are successful at removing stains and have received many positive reviews for our service.

Leather Suite Cleaning

We provide affordable leather cleaning for all kinds of leather sofas, including pigmented leather and Nu-buck. Our technicians have had extensive training from LTT Leathercare, a recognised British leather care specialist.

Leather is a material which requires special skills and techniques to get it looking shiny and new again. At Acorn Carpet Cleaning, our experts identify the leather type of a sofa to select the appropriate cleaning approach.

For example, most of the dirt on pigmented leather will sit on the surface, while Suede and Nu-buck are absorbent. We can then professionally clean your leather upholstery, using the best available products. To extend their life by finishing with a luxurious, nourishing protection cream to extend the life of your upholstery.

Upholstery Cleaning Paisley Customer Reviews

Acorn Carpet Cleaning, a family business, has been operating for 10 years and is well-known in Glasgow and Paisley.

With only 5 star reviews, we pride ourselves in treating customers with respect. Our customers often praise our technicians Liam and Scott in our reviews for their friendliness, politeness, and excellent service. We clean carpets and upholstery for both homes and businesses. We are proud to serve top hotels in Glasgow, who continue to use our services.



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    I had two of your guys over last night at half 5 and I just want to say they were amazing. Genuinely the nicest guys ever and my sofa looks incredible now! didn’t think it would come up as clean as it did. Would highly recommend your company to anyone and will be back soon to book in getting my kitchen floor cleaned! Thank you again and please let the boss know those two staff members did an amazing job.




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