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A clean and inviting home is important when trying to secure a sale or new tenancy agreement. Acorn carpet and upholstery cleaning often works alongside letting agents. Making sure that properties are looking great and smelling fresh for new tenants.

We have found that the main priorities for Landlords and Estate Agents are as follows:-

Easy To Contact

It’s poor service to be waiting on the end of the telephone or leaving messages for someone to call back. No such issues at Acorn Carpet Cleaning as we have a permanently staffed office during working hours.

Professional Carpet and Upholstery Technicians

Operating now for over 10 years, the backbone of our family business is Liam and Scott. The number of 5 star reviews complementing the boys on their manners, conduct and expertise is a must read.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Services

Few outgoing tenants will spend money on getting carpets and upholstery professionally cleaned, even when obliged to. If they do, they may use rented carpet cleaners that are not up to the job.

The carpet cleaner services of Acorn Carpet Cleaning will ensure your new tenants have lovely looking carpets and upholstery.

How To Put New Life In To Your Carpets

The process involves using the latest and best machines available on the market. Hot Water Extraction is the most popular process to clean carpets. However, when required, we have various alternatives.

The process starts with a vacuum, using a commercial cleaner. A quality vacuum cleaner produces amazing results compared to standard domestic machines.

The next process is to apply a pre spray. This solution will work hard and acts like thousands of tiny hammers attacking the dirt. Next is the use of an agitator, which agitates the pre spray, but also lifts the pile of the carpet.

The type of carpet dictates what brush we use on the agitator. On delicate wool, loop pile carpets and rugs we use the soft brushes.

The carpet is now ready for the main cleaning process: hot water extraction. This involves spraying a cleaning solution into the carpet under pressure. The solution will rinse the fibres free of the pre-spray, dissolved dirt, oils and loose debris.

Upholstery Cleaning Services

Fully furnished rented property requires regular upholstery cleaning in Glasgow and Paisley.

Similar to the carpet cleaning process, the finished outcome can have a sofas and chairs looking almost like new. Fabric suites and leather sofas, the process is all done by hand.

We use the top of the range Sapphire pro tool; the unique design provides the best clean possible. The cleaning process starts by thoroughly pre-vacuuming the fabrics to remove any loose dirt or dust. We then apply a fine mist of pre-spray agitated in with a soft upholstery brush.

This breaks down surface oils and soils while keeping the internal padding and fillings of your upholstery perfectly dry. We finish off by rinsing the solution out of the fabric using the Sapphire upholstery hand tool.

Stain Removal For Carpets and Upholstery

Stain removal for flooring and furniture is a cost-effective alternative to replacing them. The Acorn Carpet Cleaning Glasgow and Paisley team are equipped to clean both furnished and unfurnished properties.

At Acorn Carpet Cleaning Glasgow and Paisley we pride ourselves on our expertise in stain removal. Fully trained by the NCCA and with years of experience.

Irn Bru stains on a carpet are well known to be hard to remove, a common problem if hotel guests took drinks up to their rooms. Hotels were having to replace room carpets because of spillages, until we worked with them to solve the problem.

With samples of the carpets we went to task to produce solutions that removed the stains. Our commitment to finding a solution resulted in us having a high number of hotels in our customer base.

Please call 0141 212 0212 or email info@acorncarpetcleaning.co.uk if you would like to make an inquiry about our commercial cleaning services.



The National Carpet Cleaners Association have a FREE brochure all about carpet & upholstery cleaning with lots of information as well as hints & tips of things you can try first before you call out Acorn Carpet Cleaning.


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