Don’t get caught out by the DIY remedies you have found on the internet. Here are some more carpet stain removal myths and what we recommend trying instead. You can also view our previous post debunking carpet stain removal myths.


Debunking Carpet Drying Myth


Myth: Carpet takes days to dry after cleaning

This myth only becomes a reality if your carpets have not been cleaned properly. It is a common issue with DIY remedies and carpet cleaning machines for hire. Professional solutions use less water and can leave your carpet dry within a few hours (more information about this). Answer: A professional service guarantees a faster drying time


Shrinking Carpets Myth Debunked


Myth: Carpet cleaning can shrink my carpets and damage the fibres

This a common concern with wool carpets. However, carpet shrinking will only occur if the carpet has been cleaned incorrectly (i.e. using the wrong chemicals and over-scrubbing).

Carpets have been designed to endure cleaning and carpet manufacturers recommend regularly getting your carpet cleaned. A professional carpet cleaning can clean all types of carpet without any permanent changes in size (temporary shrinking may occur after being cleaned due to moisture, but the carpet will return to normal once it has dried). Answer: With the proper tools and techniques, there is no risk of damaging your carpets with cleaning.


Debunking Off-the-shelf Carpet Cleaner Myth


Myth: Off-the-shelf carpet cleaners and stain removers can be used on any carpet

Many off-the-shelf carpet cleaners are not suitable for wool and New Generation carpets. Their high alkalinity can chemically burn wool carpets and strip the protection from New Generation carpets. The small print on the labels covers cleaning product companies from any damage their products may cause by recommending that you first apply it to a small area. Answer: A professional service delivers the best results. If you are set on first trying an off-the-shelf carpet cleaner, always test the product before use.


Debunking Clean Carpet Gets Dirtier Faster Myth


Myth: Once you clean your carpets, they will get dirtier faster.

There are a variety of reasons why your carpet re-soils quicker after cleaning. Most of them involve poor cleaning, from leaving a residue or changing the pH and static qualities of a carpet, to leaving dirty water to rise to the surface as it dries. It can also be a matter of the user’s perception – a carpet can look great after cleaning, but every bit of wear and tear is more noticeable despite soiling at an appropriate rate. Answer: Poor cleaning methods often lead to your carpets re-soiling quicker.


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