Home remedies and all-purpose cleaning products may seem like a cheap and easy solution for removing carpet stains, but they often end up making the problem worse. If you want to avoid permanently staining your carpets or causing other damage, please take a moment to read this article which debunks popular stain removal myths for carpets.



Myth: Rub the stain to remove it

When we spill something on the carpet, our instinct tells us to get rid of the stain as quickly as possible. As a result, we often scrub at the stain, hoping that if we apply enough pressure we will rub it out of existence! Unfortunately, this tactic will make the stain harder to remove as you rub it into the fibres. The most effective way to treat very recent stains is to use warm water, a cloth and to dab at the stain, starting on the outer edges and working your way inwards. You can find out more about this method here. Answer: Dab it



Myth: Use white wine for red wine stains

Most people swear by this one. They say that by pouring white wine, clear alcohol (often gin) or a mixture of both is the best way to remove red wine stains. This is not as effective as using a stain remover. You will get much better results from hiring an experienced professional – we often treat red wine stains on carpets and upholstery in hotels – and you will save yourself a glass of wine. Answer: Not effective – plus, less wine to drink!



Myth: Dishwashing liquid as a spot cleaner

Dishwashing liquid is chemically mild and safe to use on fibre. This is why it is sometimes recommended as a way to treat stains. However, using it as a spot cleaner will leave behind a sticky residue. As a result, your carpet will get dirtier quicker. This is because it is designed to be washed away with a substantial amount of water – too much to use on carpets if you don’t want to risk dampness damaging your carpets! Answer: Too sticky



Myth: Professional Stain Removal costs a lot of money

Home remedies may seem like a low-cost solution for stain removal, but contacting a professional is the smart choice. Home remedies or ill-informed DIY can damage your carpet and upholstery, leading to a costly replacement which exceeds the amount charged for a stain removal call-out. Find out more here. Answer: Home remedies can lead to costly mistakes. Invest in your carpets.


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