Best Leather Suite Cleaning Process In Glasgow? 

Even though our business name is Acorn Carpet Cleaning. We are fully trained and experienced in providing professional Leather Sofa Cleaning in Glasgow.

As our business has grown, we have received literally hundreds of requests to deep clean leather suites. Most carpet and upholstery companies in Glasgow clean carpets and fabric upholstery. However, the traditional recognised trade association companies, such as the NCCA, National Carpet Cleaners Association, do not offer specialists courses in leather cleaning.

So, at Acorn Carpet Cleaning, Glasgow, we reached out to LTT Leathercare. They are the experts in leather and its care and repair. The industry all over the world recognizes their Leather Training Courses.

The courses are detailed and offer excellent quality hands-on training. Starting with the basics, we teach you how to identify types of leather. How its produced and how this affects the cleaning process.

Then you proceed to identify the exact kind of leather that makes up your suite. This is easily the most crucial part to successful suite care cleaning. Our trainers diligently train us on the 5-step process that simplifies leather identification.

Acorn Carpet Cleaning will find the best way to clean and care for your leather furniture in Glasgow. They will avoid using ineffective methods and products.

Like all specialised deep cleaning processes, you may encounter problems. With thorough training from LTT and our experience, we confidently resolve all problems.

In later training with LTT Leathercare, we learned how to fix small scuffs, scratches, remove nail polish, and repair small tears.

Cleaning Products For Leathercare

You want Acorn Carpet Cleaning customers in Glasgow to get the best service, using the best products. The most common products we use to clean leather suites include two items, LTT Ultra Leather Protect and Ultra Leather Shampoo.

The Sofa Cleaning Process

The whole process is manual labour, good old fashioned elbow grease, but carried out by the experts. Our trained technicians at Acorn Carpet Cleaning, for leather sofa cleaning Glasgow  are Liam and Scott. If you are a repeat customer, you have already met them and know they are polite, courteous, and hardworking.

We receive questions about deep cleaning a leather sofa.

Is Fairy Liquid Good For Cleaning A Leather Suite?

At Acorn Carpet Cleaning Glasgow, we don’t recommend using fairy liquid on leather as it can cause wrinkles and cracks.

Is White Vinegar Suitable To Clean a Leather Sofa?

Many false beliefs exist about using white vinegar with baking soda, lemon juice, and cream of tartar. However, all these beliefs are untrue. These common household products are extremely harsh and can make the stains worse.

How Do You Remove Pet Odours From Your leather Couch?

At Acorn Carpet Cleaning, we suggest using a special cleaner with enzymes like Proteases, Amylases, and Lipsases. This cleaner effectively removes stains and odors from carpets.

What Is The Best Way To Clean A Leather Sofa?

Get a professional upholstery cleaning company to do the job. One such as Acorn Carpet Cleaning, who cover the Glasgow area and have been professionally trained using the best LTT Leathercare products to bring your sofa and chairs back looking like new.

Click the following link to download our video of cleaning a leather suite. Leather Suite Cleaning

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