How to Take Care of Your Wool Rugs and Carpets

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Wool carpeting is a wonderful complement to the living area. They accentuate the decor of your house with a touch of comfort and luxury. The fact that wool is a natural material is one of the advantages of wool rugs. That makes them even softer and more enjoyable to touch when walking on for any reason. They can also have a very long shelf life if properly maintained. To ensure that wool rugs and rugs last as long as possible, it is crucial to know how to care for them.

You must first make sure that you have the right tools for the job. The following list of cleaning supplies will be useful to have on hand for wool floor coverings:

Clean clothes or white towels; a vacuum; mild laundry detergent; or, if you prefer eco-friendly products, a homemade solution; a sponge bucket.
Let’s get started now that you are prepared for the task. Here is our advice for maintaining wool carpets and rugs:

1. To start, if feasible, take the floor covering outside and shake it vigorously to get rid of any loose dirt on the fibres. If not, try hanging it over a railing or other object and give it a solid bashing with a sweeping brush with a flat head.

2. Vacuum the carpet once more to get rid of the dust embedded in the fibres.

3. The third step is to add cold water to your bucket. After that, mix water and one capful of your gentle laundry detergent.

4. Time to start sponging. Grab a sponge and submerge it in water. Use just enough humidity to keep the carpeting moist without going overboard. With your sponge and soapy water, begin massaging it inwardly from the corners.

5. Next, rinse your bucket and add fresh water to it. Use this to rinse your carpet of soapy water.

6. Make sure your dry towels can soak up as much wetness as they can. After that, set your carpet somewhere to dry. Ideally away from direct sunshine, as this might fade colours.

Proven advice on how to maintain wool carpets and rugs
Not everything is now being cleaned. There are some things regarding care for wool rugs and carpet cleaning Glasgow that every happy owner of a wool floor covering should know. This guide was created as a result by our team of expert cleaners.

• Wool rugs that are brand-new shed a lot. For the first month, vacuuming frequently will be helpful. Till the shedding slows down, we advise limiting usage to no more than twice a week. After that, two to four times a month will do.

• Avoid using an overly strong vacuum cleaner on your wool rug since it could cause too much fibre to come off. A sock over the vacuum tube’s end helps to muffle the suction power just a little bit.

• When cleaning your wool floor coverings, avoid using too much water. It might harm the fibres. Use no more than is absolutely necessary.

A firm brush can be used to remove pet hair that has been lodged between wool strands. Always move your brush in the lint-producing direction.

• Does your carpet have stains and dirty marks? Avoid washing every item. Instead, focus on the soiled area. Overwashing wool carpets is bad for them. Calling in expert carpet cleaners to help manage the situation may be a good choice if it doesn’t seem to be going well.

• Every one to two months, vacuum the bottom.

• An old trick that lots of people still prefer to do is cleaning wool with snow. It is designed to freeze and kill microorganisms as a result.


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