The Acorn team often responds to calls for cleaning properties that are for sale. We help sellers and landlords secure the best price for their properties by ensuring that they smell fresh and inviting as possible. But what happens after your home has been sold or your tenancy has ended? Here is how we can help you with carpet cleaning when moving out and into a new property.

Moving to a new house is overwhelming. After your old home has been sold, it is time to schedule a removals company, pack up all your furniture and belongings, notify everyone about your change of address… The list goes on. Cleaning is often not a priority.


Cleaning Carpets When Moving

If you are living in a rented property, however, end-of-tenancy cleaning can mean the difference between getting your full deposit back or not. A professional carpet cleaner can remove stubborn stains from carpets, hard flooring, and upholstery. They have the equipment and expertise to ensure effective stain removal without causing damage or leaving marks, as well as faster drying that does not leave the room smelling of damp.

Whether you own the property or not, hiring a professional cleaning service after you move out is courteous to the future occupants. Professional carpet cleaners will be able to get the spots often missed and you won’t have to worry about fitting in any last-minute cleaning before your move.


Clean Carpets In Your New Home

Cleaning is also important for your new property. Carpet cleaning companies can breathe life into old flooring and previously owned upholstery, at a fraction of the cost for replacement and without the hassle of getting them re-fitted. Even if there is no visible dirt, a clean-looking carpet can trap and retain airborne pollutants, allergens, and bacteria (find out more about this here).

In addition to flooring and upholstery, the Acorn team can clean mattresses and curtains to a professional standard. We also offer The Mover’s Package, a bundled deal for people moving home and a discount off cleaning costs for their new home. Find out more about this package and others here.

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